To instill and inculcate varied interests in the students we have different hobbies in our school. To cater to all of them we provide a hobby period in the time table. The chief objective of these hobbies is the belief that co-curricular activities help the children to develop overall personality.

These hobbies are chosen by the children themselves. Every hobby is equally important in its own way. Expert faculty trains the students in fine tuning their skills.

We have the following hobbies in our school:-

English Conversation

In this highly competitive world to see that our children do not lag behind in any sphere this hobby has been given as a choice. This develops their communication skills and confidence.

Needle Work

Children who have a flair for stitching and needle work get a great opportunity to improve their skills. Embroidery, cutting, sewing etc. are taught by the expert teachers.


Yoga, an ancient Vedic technique to keep our body physically and mentally fit, is another hobby in our school. Yoga trainers teach the students all 'Asanas' to keep body and soul in harmony. These 'Asanas' are really helpful not only in keeping diseases away but also in keeping our mind relaxed.


'Tae' 'Kwon' 'Do' are three different words. 'Tae' means to shield with hands, 'Kwon' means to protect with legs and 'Do' means to counterattack. This is to protect yourself from enemies but also keeps your body physically fit .A professional trainer facilitates training to the students.


Students with a penchant for a hands- on experience have taken up this hobby. This keeps them close to nature and instills in them a love of environment.

March Past

This trains the children in co-ordination, discipline and team work . Thus the March Past on Sports Day is a perfect show.


Children get complete knowledge about computers such as hardware and software and Languages such as MYSQL, JAVA NET BEANS,HTML etc. Professional teachers provide excellent training in all aspects of computers and internet .They are taught about in opportunities in this sphere.

Meaning of Activities

The real aim of education is to develop a child in the cognitive, and psychomotor domains. To devise a composite and wholesome mode of education, it should be designed in such a way that it may mould a child into a pragmatic personality.

Dummy text are some of the school events happen like annual functions, sports day etc. we have.
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