Interact Clubs

Springfields holds the ideology that the main aim of education is to develop the overall personality of a child. Learning curriculum should be designed in such a wholesome way that it is able to cater to the various requirements of learners. To achieve this objective, different clubs are there, like Eco Club, Maths Club, Health Club, Integrity Club, Heritage Club. Each one of these clubs plays an instrumental role in making the process of learning vivacious and vibrant. If Eco Club meets the purpose of sensitizing the students to the preservation and protection of environment then Health and Wellness Club makes them aware of all things which are necessary to maintain an alert mind and active body, the detrimental effects of Junk Food and Cold Drinks. Maths Club inspires students to develop their reasoning and rationalizing caliber making them gain command on facts and formulae.

Heritage Club spreads awareness about cultural, living and built heritage of India making every child reciprocate in a responsible and productive way to the pursuit of preservation of Heritage.

Integrity Club endeavors for the revival of all ethics and principles in human life making human society more sensible, more sensitive and more empathetic. So this way all clubs with their multifarious activities, recreations, projects contribute to the objective of making every child a multifaceted personality.

Activities & Recreations organized by different Clubs

Eco Club
  • Tree Plantation Drive
  • Anti Polythene Drive
  • Declamation Contest on topics : Water conservation, Global Warming, Environmental Pollution
  • Seminars & Symposia on Burgeoning Human Population making natural resources overloaded, Sustainable Development
Let us be concerned for our Mother Earth

Health & Wellness Club
  • Dental & ENT checkup
  • Declamation contests on various related topics like
  • Importance of exercise, harmful effects of junk-food etc.
  • Seminars on General Health stress management, importance of Balance diet
  • Drawing & Painting contests

Maths Club
  • Quizzes, Seminars & Symposia based on intricacies of Maths
  • Periodic workshops to remove the phobia of Maths
  • Declamation contests to stimulate the spirit of curiosity & enquiry
  • Maths Exhibition – An annual feature

Heritage Club
  • Quizzes, Seminars & Symposia to spread awareness
  • Periodic trips & excursions
  • Drawing & Painting Contests
  • Essay Writing Contests
  • Declamation Contests

Integrity Club
  • Declamation contests based on the ideals of liberty , Equality & Fraternity
  • Skits & Plays based on National Integration
  • Annual Function
  • Healthy Eating Week schedule is observed to foster the habit of healthy eating
  • Awareness Camps on serious ailments like AIDS, Dengue etc.
  • Essay writing Contests
  • Choral Recitation
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