We At Springfields believe in widening the horizons of the students through a world class education. In order to materialize this objective we have given paramount importance to all curricula related to readings. Our library ‘Gyan Dhara’ stands tall with its thousands of books making its atmosphere an ambience for reflective and contemplative reading. This department is equipped with best of faculty and infrastructure in order to cater to the needs and requirements of the students. All care has been taken to make resources readily accessible. Our library staff endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize materials in a variety of forms to derive information so that they may imbibe required inputs for a life time. Periodic seminars, lectures and book fairs are organized to nurture and faster the reading skills among students.

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In a very comprehensive manner our library provides the learners with a broad spectrum of information and knowledge about thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines. It contains around twenty thousand documents that consist of books or variety of subjects. Computers have been installed in the library, with internet connectivity for academic use.

Library Council

We have recently formed our Library Council that would be the apex supervisory body of the library services & collections. We have decided one meeting of the library council every six months.

Members of the library council
  • Director : Permanent Member
  • Principal : Permanent Member
  • Librarian : Permanent Member
  • Co-ordinators : Permanent Member
  • Three teachers’ representative : Nominated by Librarian
  • Three student representatives : one from each section (primary, Higher, Senior)
  • Four student representatives : one from each house
New ideas from the teachers as well as from the students are always welcome so that maximum benefit could be harvested of the library services.

Recent News

We proudly state that we have taken a step forward and associated our library with the British library, Chandigarh to facilitate E-Books for the enrichment of knowledge of the students as well as the teacher. It is de rigueur with `Gyan Dhara’ to celebrate World book and Copy-right Day every year. The purpose is to promote the importance of reading, publishing and the preservation of intellectual treasure through copy right.

New Arrival in Library- DECEMBER 2015

Sr. No Title
1 rumpelstiltskin
2 Great bible stories: jonah
3 Great bible stories : joseph
4 In the beginning
5 The story of abraham
6 Pinocchio
7 Golden goose
8 Jack and the beanstalk
9 The smelly little dog
10 The wizard of oz
11 King solomon
12 rebecca at the well
13 Joseph in egypt
14 samson and delilah
15 Noah and the ark
16 david and goliath
17 Beauty and the beast
18 Rapunzel
19 Alice in wonderland
20 sleeping beauty
21 Puss in boots
22 emmy mermaid and the fantastic seahorse race
23 jataka tales
24 the three little pigs
25 the gingerbread man
26 magic in the playroom
27 now i can read :15 goodnight stories
28 Now i can read : 15 drive along tales
29 stories for 3 years olds
30 a treasury of children’s classic
31 stories for 6 year olds
32 stories for 4 year olds
33 Goldilocks and the three bears
34 The three billy goats gruff
35 Play and learn numbers
36 animals
37 a treasury of teddy tales
38 in the king’s shoes and the smelly little dog
39 magic in the playroom and the magic treache jug
40 a tale of blue – eyed cat and the beautiful pattern
41 i am reading:kit’s castle
42 i am reading : joe lion’s big boots
43 i am reading : the perfect monster
44 i am reading : princess rosa’s winter
45 i am reading: the ugly egg
46 i am reading :watch out william
47 I am reading: scaredy dog
48 i am reading :purr fect pete
49 I am read:albert’s raccoon
50 I am reading:captain pepper’s pets
51 I am reading : mrs. Hippo’s pizza  parlour
52 I am reading : jumping jack
53 I am reading: barn party
54 I am reading: moose and mouse
55 The feeding of the five thousand
56 Jesus a special boy
57 Jesus calls his disciples
58 The birth of jesus
59 In the king’s shoes
60 The newspaper dog
61 Games we like: key words with peter and jane
62 Mountain adventure: key words with peter and jane
63 Our friends: key words with peter  and jane
64 Easy on the island:key words with ladybird
65 Mystery on the island: key words with  ladybird
66 Farm  lift a flap
67 The carnival : keywords with ladybird
68 The wild swans
69 The little mermaid
70 Ready to read :noah and the ark
71 Snow white :ready to read
72 First experiences our new baby
73 Father cat’s busy day
74 Teddy :wintertime
75 Meet me at the zoo
76 Why do i need to sheep
77 Times table
78 The jackal and the drum
79 The fox and the crow
80 Noddy goes to sea
81 Mr. Plod and little noddy
82 A treasure island
83 Let’s investigate drawing
84 The three musketeers
85 Division
86 The enormous turnip
87 Transport
88 Sly fox and red hen
89 Aladdin and the magic lamp
90 Rudolf von flugel’s busy day
91 Noddy and the missing money
92 A collection of bedtime stories
93 Stories for 5 year olds
94 Little red riding hood
95 Little princesses
96 Fighting fit
97 The musicians of bremen
98 The elvesand the shoemaker
99 The ghostship and other scary stories
100 A day on the farm
101 The jungle jamboree
102 Annuals
103 The king of spring
104 Bambi
105 Riki tiki tavi
106 More sounds to say
107 The vain monk

New Arrival in Library- DECEMBER 2014

Title Author
Heidi Johanna Spyri
David Copper Field Charles Dickens
The Three Musketeers Alexandra Dumas
The last of the Mohicans James Fennimore
Around the World in 80 Days Jules Verne
The Call of the Wild Jack London
Little Women Louisa M Alcott
A Tale of two Cities Charles Dicken
The War of the Worlds H.G. Wells
Pollyanna Eleanor H. Porter
The Swiss Family Robinson Johann David Wyrs
Black Beauty Anne Sewell
Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift
The Wizard of OZ L. Frank Baum
Robinson Gusol Deniel Defoe
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle
A Journey to the centre of the Earth Jules Verne
King Arthur Howard Pyle
The Adventures of tom Sawyer Mark Twain
Frankenstein Mary W. Shelly
Great Expectation Charles Dickens

New Arrival in Library

Junior School

Sr. No. Title
1. My First Book of Animal
2. My First Book of Opposites
3. My First Book of Shapes
4. Colours
5. 123
6. ABC
7. Words
8. Meri Pahli Pustak
9. The Wonder of Learning Shapes
10. The Wonder of Learning Alphabet
11. The Wonder of Learning Numbers
12. The Wonder of Learning Colours
13. Meri Pahli Pustak(Om Kidz)
14. My First Book of Rhymes (Om Kidz)
15. My First Book of Shapes (Om Kidz)
16. My First Book of ABC (Om Kidz)
17. My First Book of Opposites (Om Kidz)
18. My First Book of Words (Om Kidz)
19. My First Book of 123 (Om Kidz)
20. My First Book of Colours (Om Kidz)

New Arrival in Library

Junior School

Sr. No. Title
1 Hitopadesha Tales
2 Mahavir
3 Kali
4 Lord Rama
5 Well Known Tales From Panchtantra
6 Treasury of Tales From Panchtantra
7 Fascinating Tales From Panchtantra
8 Animal Stories
9 Guru Nanak
10 Lakshmi
11 Stories for Boys
12 Most Loved Tales From Panchatantra
13 The Bery Best of Panchatantra
14 Ganesh
15 Grandma Stories
16 Arabian Nights
17 Treasure Trove of Arabian Nights
18 Famous Fables
19 3 Minutes Jungle Tales
20 Stories for Girls
21 The Best of Hans Christan Anderson
22 The Best of Erimma's Fairy Tales
23 365 Fairy Tales
24 101 Wonders of the World
25 365 Panchtantra Stories
26 365 Wonders of The World
27 365 Animal Tales
28 365 Bed Time Stories
29 101 BuddHist Stories
30 101 BuddHist Stories
31 365 Folk Tales
32 365 Tales From Indian Mythdogy
33 365 Stories For Boys
34 365 Stories For Girls
35 101 Jungle Stories
36 101 Farm Animal Tales
37 Grandpa Stories
38 Tirupati Balaji
39 Tales of Wisdom From Panchatantra
40 Shanidev
41 The Best of Moral Stories
42 Fairy Tales
43 Stories For Girls
44 5 Minutes Animal Stories
45 Sai Baba
46 Timeless Tales From Panchatantra
47 Shiva
48 The Wizard of OZ
49 Te Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
50 Gulliver's Travels
51 The Achventures of Robin Hood
52 The Achventures of Tom Sawyer
53 Krishna Tales
54 Devis
55 Aesop's Fables
56 Dashavtar
57 Durga
58 Stories From the Bible
59 Subhas Chandra Bose
60 Vaishno Devi
61 Great Tales From Panchatantra
62 Enchanting Indian Tales
63 The Jungle Book
64 Mostar Stories
65 Bedtime Stories
66 5 Minutes Bedtime Stories
67 Moral Stories
68 The Best of Tenali Rama
69 The Best of Aesop's Fables
70 Magical Journey of Arabian Nights
71 Shiva Tales
72 Hanuman
73 101 Stories for Boys
74 101 Good Night Stories
75 Aesop's Fables
76 Moral Stories
77 Akbar-Birbal
78 Narad Muni
79 Bhagat Singh
80 Gandhi
81 Shivji Maharaj
82 Lakshmi Bai
83 Sikh Gurus
84 101 Jataka Tales
85 Early Readers: Three Read Together Stories
86 Early Readers: Three Read Aloud Stories
87 Early Readers: Three Read With me Stories
88 Zodiac Girls: Brat Princess
89 Zodiac Girls : Recipe for Rebellion
90 Zodiac Girls: From Geek to Goddess
91 Wizards of OZ
92 Beauty of the Beast
93 Peter Pan
94 Black Beauty
95 Jack of the Beanstalk
96 Cinderella
97 Pinocchia
98 Hansel & Gretel
99 Alice in Wonderland
100 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
101 Treasure Insland
102 God
103 Cat
104 Elephant
105 Ganesha
106 Hanuman
107 Tiger
108 Shiva
109 Krishna
110 Pariyon Ki Kahaniyan
111 ESAP Ki Kahaniyan
112 Vikram-Betal
113 Telani Rama
114 Dada ji ki Kahaniyan
115 Panchatantra Dost ki Kahaniyan
116 Panchatantra Masti Bhari Kahaniyan
117 Naitik Kahaniyan Jivan Ke Path
118 Rochak Baal Kathayen
119 Dada Ji Ki Kahaniyan
120 Mahavir
121 Guru Nanak
122 Sai Baba
123 Akbar-Birbal Ki Kahaniyan
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