Celebration of Republic Day


Remembering the sacrifices of freedom fighters

(25 Jan, 2019)

Republic Day is a very important day of the year for the people of India and we celebrate it annually on 26th of January since 1950. It has been declared as the national holiday by the Government of India.

On this day a parade takes place in the national capital of India, New Delhi at the Rajpath in the presence of President of India. The parade showcases the capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces exhibiting the advanced arms and warfare of the country. It is followed by the tableau of each state displaying their culture and traditions.

To make children aware of the sacrifices of freedom fighters and to celebrate Republic Day, an activity was conducted where children spoke on the sacrifices made by freedom fighters to gain freedom for our country. Through this activity they understood that India won freedom with great difficulty and after a lot of struggle. They promised to work for the progress of their country.