Session commencement meeting


Director Principal Mrs. Veena Chopra addressed the Session commencement meeting on 23 March 2019. She congratulated all teachers for making the children learn in the best and the brightest way. All teachers reciprocated in a very grateful and affectionate manner. They all expressed their heartfelt thanks to Veena Ma’am for being so loving, caring and helpful. Veena ma’am motivated the teachers to follow the given points.

v To make the best efforts for making classroom learning effective and enjoyable for the children.

v She guided the teachers to do their duty in a compassionate and co-operative manner without being rude to any staff member.

v All departments were motivated to work in a co-ordinated manner for a free flowing working system in the school.

Ma’am’s speech inspired all the teachers to have a sense of belongingness for the school and deem it a privilege to work under such a considerate and compassionate management.