Introductory Meeting – Hub


Hub – A Collaborative Learning

As per CBSE circular no. F.1028/CBSE/Director (Acad)/2019 dated 18 January, 2019, a Hub of Learning has been formed for collaborative partnership with associated schools. The main objective is to share and exchange resources as well as infrastructure for a holistic development of all the schools. This includes series of interchange of academic material, circulars, organizing quizzes and exhibitions etc. It is required to share expertise regarding annual pedagogical plans, curriculum plans, learning outcomes, innovative pedagogy etc.

Following are the members schools of the Hub:

As per the suggestion of Member schools a capacity building workshop was held on 3 June 2019 in school premises.

Objective -To create awareness amongst teachers about the innovative and creative ideas while teaching maths and sciences in the class to make these subjects interesting and easy to grasp for the students.

Topics of discussions during the workshop-

1. Various circulars related to maths by C.B.S.E were explained.

2. Two levels for Class 10 maths exam to be followed by C.B.S.E schools.

3. How to make Maths and Sciences interesting.

4. Various Activities were suggested for Maths and Science teachers .

5. Positive reinforcement to the students.

6. Teachers were guided to maintain records.

At last a query session was conducted where the participant teachers came up with the problems they are facing as a teacher in the class and suggested measures were given to them.

The session was ended with a Quote that we usually say "In a class a slower learner is a problem but a teacher must think a child is never a problem but the child may have problem so must work out to solve his problem and motivate him .