Capacity Building Workshop- Secondary Classes


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Capacity Building Workshop- Secondary Classes

As per the suggestion of member schools, a Capacity building workshop was held on 3 June, 2019 in the school premises.

Objective: To create awareness amongst teachers about different techniques while teachings social Sciences and Languages.

The objectives of Language teaching:

· The competence to understand what they hear

· Ability to read with comprehension

· Effortless expressions

· Coherent writing

· Creativity


· Dictionary and Thesaurus usage

· Newspaper Reading

· Silent reading by students

· Freedom of expressions

· Conversational skills

Social Science:

Objectives of social science Teaching- To make teaching and learning social science as fascinating and interactive subject.

· NCERT books are the base books.

· Basics must be clear to the teachers and the taught

· Activity based teaching

· Internal Assessment Pattern

· Correlation with real life situations

Teaching aids: Role play, Quiz, Debate Declamation and Smart class

The workshop was well attended. A doubt session was held after the workshop and queries were well attended.