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(Wednesday, 8 May 2024)

Declamation competitions provide a platform to the students to explore and encourage public speaking in children and give them the opportunity to showcase their  oratory skills and express their thoughts and ideas.

 To imbibe in our students the skills of public speaking and help them shun away the stage phobia, an Inter-House Hindi Declamation Competition was held on Wednesday, 8 May 2024 for classes VI to X. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from all the four houses, with each participant delivering thought-provoking speeches on the given topics. The participants not only demonstrated their proficiency in expressing their thoughts wonderfully and ardently but were also able to connect with the audience on a deeper level. It was a real treat to hear all the participants exhibiting their views with keen enthusiasm and perfection.

On this occasion our Director Principal, Mrs. Veena Chopra said that Competitions like these not only help increase the confidence of the students but also open the doors of opportunities of different kinds in the future. It was really a memorable and enriching event for everyone involved.