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Mathematics Mental Ability Test Class: VI to VIII

May 18, 2024

Saturday Activity

Theme: Verbal/ Non-verbal Reasoning

Class: VI to VIII


Springfields Public School Organizes Mathematic Mental Ability Test

To hone the Mathematic Skills of the students , Ramanujan Club came up with a Mental Ability Test  for classes VI to VIII  on May  18, 2024 .

The questionnaire was a mixed bag of  questions like Reasoning, Coding-Decoding and Sequence Series etc.,which appear in most of the competitive exams and will equip our young aspirants with the knowledge of how to crack these types of exams in future. The Director Principal Ms. Veena Chopra in her sagacious words appreciated the sincere efforts of the teachers and students, she also mentioned that learning Mathematics as an activity can be a great way to overcome fear of this subject.