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SFPS Commemorates its Special Day

SFPS Commemorates its Special Day

(8 July 2024)


Every year, the school commemorates 7 July as the  Joining Day of Mrs. Veena Chopra- the present Director Principal of Springfields Public School. On this day 28 years down the lane in 1996 she  became the Principal of the school. Every member of the school recognizes the hard work that she does each year to keep the school progressing from year to year.

In a special assembly today, on behalf of the whole Springfields family, Mr. Anurag Gautam of Chemistry Department and Shivanshu, the Head Boy of the school thanked Veena Ma’am for her outstanding leadership and for always going above and beyond for the betterment of the school. Her dedication and hard work are truly appreciated and also added that they are fortunate to have her as the Principal. They expressed their deep appreciation for her exceptional and dynamic mentorship, guidance and unrestricted support to ensure that everyone is successful.

Veena Ma’am also thanked and expressed her emotions toward teachers and students for appreciating her services.