Director's Message

'School should be about providing a sense of hope for all, Not achievement for the few.'

A legendary teacher once defined the purpose of education, 'You are not engaged so much in acquiring knowledge as in making mental efforts under criticism. A certain amount of knowledge, you can indeed with average facilities acquire so as to retain; nor need you regret the hours you have spent on much that is forgotten, for, the shadow of lost knowledge at least protects you from many illusions. But you go to a school for the habit of attention, for the art of expression, for the art of assuming at a moment's notice, a new intellectual posture. For the art of entering quickly into another person's thoughts, for the habit of submitting to censure and refutation, for the art of indicating assent or dissent in graduated terms, for the habit of regarding minute points of accuracy, for the habit of working out what is possible in a given time, for taste, for discrimination, for mental courage and mental soberness. Above all, you go to a school for self knowledge.'

At Springfields Public School, we aim to help each student develop a 'view' of himself or herself which is accurate, positive and enthusiastic about the opportunities which adult life will bring. We start by helping students understand who they are (character development) and how they learn (strong academic foundation) in the lower classes. They are taught to learn and play together as they accept the school's cardinal principles of fortitude, justice, temperance and prudence.
We continue through the Middle school by teaching a desire to explore new and different subjects, ideas, perspectives, and experiences. We conclude in the High School by empowering our students with leadership roles in daily school academic and extracurricular life. This culminates in extraordinary student activities, athletics and academic initiatives.

The consistent theme in all the years is self-discovery and growth. "It is today that we create the world of the future" (Eleanor Roosevelt)