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Fight against Corruption

October 15,2022

Classes: IX,X

Saturday Activity

Theme: Fight against Corruption


Corruption is like a pest that slowly but surely erodes the very foundation of our character and hence our society in general.It is an all pervading malpractice that needs to be stopped and for this the youngsters i.e., the students need be sensitised.Thus to fulfill this very objective art based activities were conducted for the students of classes           IX and X.


The students of class IX drew posters on the theme - Moral Values against Corruption. They drew very thought provoking posters to aptly bring out the central theme.


The students of class X write slogans on the theme - Government practices encouraging fight against Corruption. The students skillfully presented the theme using their skill as well as imagination.It was a well organised activity under the supervision of their respective class teachers in which the students participated with full enthusiasm.