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HOBBY CLASSES -19 April 2023(IX-XII)


Wednesday, 19 April 2023

To nurture the creativity and an aesthetic sense amongst the children NAME SLIP MAKING Activity was conducted for class IX students where they made beautiful name slips exhibiting their inventive and skills.

We at SFPS provide a pedestal to our students to shun their stage phobia and to speak confidently in public. The students of class X had their Public Speaking activity today. The teachers apprised them about the significance of speaking confidently in public and how to come out of their hitch. Motivated, the students came up with their oratory skills which were lying latent. They all tried to the best of their ability to speak and shun the phobia. Besides, the students of Class XII gave a short presentation on evils of social media, how the youngsters should save themselves from the cybercrime and also to use this media very wisely. Keeping in view not only the mental fitness but physical fitness is also must , they were also taken for their sports activity. The girls enjoyed playing Dodge Ball and the boys had fun time playing football and basketball.