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Science Week

(03 February to 7 February, 2020)

Science Week

To show the practical value of science in our lives and to impart extra knowledge beyond the syllabus.

Science is dynamic ever expanding body of knowledge and it plays a liberating role in a progressive society. It makes one more systematic and methodical. A world without- science would mean that- we would still be living in a very different way. Every single aspect of our lives is being influenced by science in some way or the other. Science has made our lives easier, smoother and more convenient.

              To show the practical value of science in our lives and impart extra knowledge beyond the syllabus ‘Science Week’ was conducted from 3rd Feb to 7th Feb. Various activities were conducted throughout the week. Worksheets were given to the children on different topics like The Solar System, The Earth’s seasons, draw and colour food items, Crossword puzzles, name and colour any five road signs etc.

              Lab Activity was conducted. Children visited Science Lab and learnt a lot of new things. They came to know about the equipments used during experiments. Volcanic Eruption Activity was shown to them. Through this activity children understood about the process of volcanic eruption.

              Children participated in Science Quiz and also wrote slogans related to science. Cut and Paste activity was enjoyed by the children. They pasted different types of energy in their scrap file / A-4 size sheet like wind energy, chemical energy, solar energy etc.

              Children enthusiastically participated in all these activities and understood that application of scientific knowledge helps to satisfy many basic human needs and improve our standard of living. Almost everything that we see around us is the gift of science and technology.