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Theme :Principal Day Celebration

July 7,2023. 

Theme :Principal Day Celebration

On 7July 2023  our school celebrated it’s very special occasion i.e., Principal’s Day as on this day our revered Veena ma’am joined Springfields as the principal. To commemorate this occasion a special speech was given by Simran ma’am of English department.

 Over the years  our Veena ma’am has been imparting her duties with dint of hardwork, perseverance, tenacity and fortitude. She is our go to ma’am who has all the solutions for every problem. She leads the way metaphorically as well as literally. She is the epitome of integrity, sincerity and honesty- the very essence of a great person.

In the end Veena ma’am was called on Dias by Gagan ma’am, Shanti House incharge, to share her thoughts.  Veena ma’am expressed her love for the children as well as the whole staff and advised all to work sincerely with utmost dedication and determination. It was indeed a momentous moment.