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It’s Baisakhi – The Bhangra Time

It’s Baisakhi – The Bhangra Time (13 April 2024)

Let’s Celebrate the Vibrant festival Vaisakhi with fun and frolic.

Every year on April13, Baisakhi is celebrated across the globe. The festival is celebrated to mark the onset of the harvest time in north India. It is an occasion of tremendous joy and festivity for farmers. It also marks the birth of Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh ji.

To make the Children aware about the historical background, significance and relevance of Baisakhi, the students of Classes I to V whole heartedly performed Bhangra and Gidha on the beats of Punjabi Dhol adorning themselves with Colourful turbans and dupattas. Their enthusiasm had no bounds and those were really the exotic moments for all watching the students dance.