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World Heritage Day

April 20,2024

Class : VI to X

World Heritage Day

On the important occasion of World Heritage Day, Ms Rekha , House Mistress , gave an informative speech to the students in the morning assembly on April 18,2024.

She told the students of the importance of a country’s culture and traditions as it is a reflection of its history, community and value as a nation. On this day we celebrate our nation’s rich tapestry of cultural, historical and religious artefacts. Heritage is the common wealth of mankind reminding us of our cultural past ; our precious assets which need to be appreciated as well as preserved. But with passage of time our historical sites wither due to various environmental / political factors and hence the need to collectively work for its protection and preservation. It is our heritage that provides the new generation a well needed link to our past.

The speech was well received by the students as well as the staff.