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House Meet

House Meet

House Meet was held on Friday i.e April 1, 2022

The purpose of the meet was to inculcate the spirit of competition amongst the children and to encourage the leadership qualities, students of one house were made familiar to one another, so that they may work together and establish co ordination among themselves which be helpful to them to carry out their duties that would be assigned to them in future.

They were made aware of the spirit  of the panchsheel doctrine by Pt. J.L Nehru that names of the houses gives us the important values for the whole mankind and they are Nirmal (Pure), Niti ( Principle ), Satya ( Truth) and Shanti ( Peace)

The house staff members also boosted up the competitive spirit amongst the children. In the end houses were addressed by the senior house mistress and children promised to perform their duties whole heartedly and will win points for their respective houses.