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A meeting of HUB members was held in July 23, 2022 in the AV Room of the school. It was conducted under the able guidance of our respected Director Principal Veena ma'am. It was the first ever offline meeting organised after a gap of two years. The member schools that participated in the meeting – Holy Mission Public School, Maharaja Aggarsain Public School, Gurjar Kanya Mahavidyalya, Swaraj Public School, Bhagirathi Public School and Springfields Public School. Swaraj Public School is the new member of Hub. A lot has changed during lockdown period and its repercussions are still being felt in the education sector. Our Director Principal Veena ma'am gave valuable inputs on how to tackle lackadaisical attitude of the students. She laid emphasis on maintaining discipline in the school. Her suggestion was well received by all the members alike. Then Ms. Kamalpreet presented a pedagogical plan for the current session 2022-23.

Some common problems and respective measures for mitigating them are given below:

 A. How to cope with the attitude and mindset of the students after the pandemic?

     1. Counselling sessions (group / individual)

     2. Interactive sessions with Parents.

     3. More vigilance on students by maintaining anecdotal.


B. How to streamline the students academically after the lock down?

    1. Emphasis on writing practice.

    2. Regular tests.


C. Bifurcation of syllabus for Annual Exam System.

Finally all the participants agreed that Hard Work by teachers as well as students was the real need of the hour.

It was a well organised and a well executed session.