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Devotional Song Singing Activity Classes – I to V

Devotional Song Singing Activity

Classes – I to V

(Date 20-August-2022)

Trust his words, trust his deeds, trust his decisions, trust his visions. Trust Shri Krishna once, He entrust himself forever.

Janmashtami also known as’Shri Krishna Jayanti’ is one of the most famous and holiest festival celebrated all over India and by the dedicated devotees of Lord Krishna.

 Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Krishna and is celebrated on the eight day of Krishna Paksha according to the hindu calendar. The main significance of Janmastami is to encourage goodwill and to discourage bad will. Krishna Jaynti also celebrates togetherness. The holy occasion brings people together, thus it signifies unity and faith.

          This festival was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in the school premises. The students of class I – V came prepared with devotional songs and performed in melody. The performance was applauded by the staff and the students.