House System


The objective of dividing the students into four houses is to facilitate the management and supervision of diverse events and activities of school life. It also caters to our aim of kindling the spirit of leadership and competition amongst the students.

Pt. J. L. Nehru believed in the spirit of the Panchsheel doctrine. He advocated the adoption of five virtues in life which are NIRMAL (PURE), NITI ( PRINCIPLE), SATYA ( TRUTH) & SHANTI (PEACE). Out of these five we have taken four as the designations of our respective houses, NIRMAL, NITI, SHANTI & SATYA.



Preaches the lesson of imbibing moral values to be able to rationalize between Fair and Foul.



Puts forth the importance of following principles to achieve integrity in life.



Advocates the necessity of truthfulness in ones life.



Lays emphasis on Universal harmony and peace.


All children have to wear their house kits on the allotted days. All competitions are marked according to houses and children win points for their respective houses. At the end of the academic session a Trophy is given to the house which has scored the maximum points.