We At Springfields believe in widening the horizons of the students through a world class education. In order to materialize this objective we have given paramount importance to all curricula related to readings. Our library ‘Gyan Dhara’ stands tall with its thousands of books making its atmosphere an ambience for reflective and contemplative reading. This department is equipped with best of faculty and infrastructure in order to cater to the needs and requirements of the students. All care has been taken to make resources readily accessible. Our library staff endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize materials in a variety of forms to derive information so that they may imbibe required inputs for a life time. Periodic seminars, lectures and book fairs are organized to nurture and faster the reading skills among students.


In a very comprehensive manner our library provides the learners with a broad spectrum of information and knowledge about thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines. It contains around twenty thousand documents that consist of books or variety of subjects. Computers have been installed in the library, with internet connectivity for academic use.


We have recently formed our Library Council that would be the apex supervisory body of the library services & collections. We have decided one meeting of the library council every six months.

Members of the library council
  • Director : Permanent Member
  • Principal : Permanent Member
  • Librarian : Permanent Member
  • Co-ordinators : Permanent Member
  • Three teachers representative : Nominated by Librarian
  • Three student representatives : one from each section (primary, Higher, Senior)
  • Four student representatives : one from each house

New ideas from the teachers as well as from the students are always welcome so that maximum benefit could be harvested of the library services