President's Message

If you plan for one year “Plant Rice”

If you plan for ten years “Plant Tree”

If you plan for hundred years “Educate children” - ‘Confucius’

Since the inception of the school 18 years ago, Springfields has sought to attain its aim of providing a complete education academically, culturally and spiritually. We continue to examine ourselves and through hard work we make progress to discover what makes the school function most effectively and what we need to do to become a truly outstanding educational institute for this time and age. Our goal is not to be the best school for an year or so, but to be the best possible school for now & ever.

Our objective at Springfields is to be diverse in all respects. We groom our students in a way who can successfully engage the academic curriculum and who can become the able and responsible citizens of our community in the times to come.

We provide a platform to our children to think and interact on a vast range of interests and perspectives. We not only ensure the participation of each and every child in all the school activities but the safety and dignity of every student is also taken care of.

We also realize the fact that “Education is about helping children who are capable of self-reflection & self-organization and of enjoying a life where they can explore their potential abundantly”.


M. S. Sawhney