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Inter - House English Debate (IX-X)

Inter - House English Debate (IX-X)

Continuing the spree to groom the oratory skills, the  school organized Inter - House English Debate for classes IX and X on Saturday, 6 August 2022. Providing such opportunities to the students to express their thoughts in public is no less than a pedestal to help students shun their stage phobia and inculcate in them self confidence, grit and determination.

The winners of the Contest were :

Class IX

Himanshu Gupta (Shanti House)          I

Bishmeet Singh(Shanti House)            II

Lavanya Kapil (Niti House)                  III


Class X

Radhika Bansal(Niti House)                I

Akanksha Garg(Shanti House)           II

Shree Aggarwal(Satya House)            III

Ravleen Kaur(Nirmal House)              Cons.